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Magic the Gathering: Dragon's Maze Prerelease! April 27th at 12:00PM and April 28th at 12:00PM

Join us at our Westside location! Saturday April 27th at 12:00PM and Sunday April 28th at 12:00PM for the Gatecrash Prerelease!


If you have been to our other prereleases, this one is going to be a little different.

First off, it is going to be running during the day, which means we are going to be running two smaller events instead of one large one.

Since these are smaller events, if is going to be very important to register ahead of time.

We are limiting each event to 12 people!


So let's look at the Dragon's Maze Prerelease! It’s a bit different from the previous two we want to make sure you all are prepared for what you're getting into!

You’re going to be diving into your own Implicit Maze, competing against the other guilds to see who can win the race to Maze's End. Just by participating you'll get the promo Maze's End!

The Guild Prerelease packs at the Dragon's Maze Prerelease are going to be a bit different than those you used at the Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash Prereleases. Inside they will have:

  • One Return to Ravnica Guild Booster Pack
  • Four Dragon's Maze Booster Packs
  • One Gatecrash Guild Booster Pack


For example, let's say you choose Boros as your guild at the Prerelease, then your guild pack could contain:

  • Azorius (Shares white)
  • Izzet (Shares red)
  • Rakdos (Shares red)
  • Selesnya (Shares white)

Sign up before 8PM on Friday, April 26th for $25. At the door, it will be $30 and also fairly unlikely that you will get a spot.

You will need a DCI Number to play. If you don’t have one, you can get one here!


Call Ben at the Westside Store if you have any questions! (317) 271-7610


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