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Comic Book Club - "Social Issues through Comic Books"

The DTC Comic Book Club has joined with SuperMOOC ( and Christina Blanch in her free online course, Social Issues Through Comic Books.

Beginning on March 10, Christina will be offering another, even more ambitious open online course exploring “Social Issues through Comic Books” on As with the previous course, there will be assigned reading and live interviews with creators (including Jason Aaron, Denny O’Neil, and Warren Ellis).

Full Details Here:

The course will begin on March 10 and conclude August 18, meaning we’d be asking you to participate in five “reading club” events altogether.

Here is a list of the comics and graphic novels we’ll be using (ALL assigned readings are 15% OFF at ALL Downtown Comics Locations!):

Month One (March 10-April 9) - ADDICTION: Buzzkill TP Green Lantern #85 and #86 included in Green Lantern Green Arrow TP, Batman: Venom TP, and Sex Criminals #1 in Sex Criminals TP V1

Month Two (April 10-May 9) - ENVIRONMENT: Swamp Thing: Rot World, The Massive TP V1, Hinterkind TP V1, Hawkeye #7 in TP V2

Month Three (May 10-June 9) - SOCIAL INEQUALITY: Lazarus TP V1, Scalped TP V1, X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills TP, and March TP

Month Four (June 10-July 9) - IMMIGRATION: American Born Chinese, Action Comics #900 in Superman: Black Ring V2, Superman Unchained #1 , and Skin Horse V1

Month Five (July 10-August 18) - MEDIA, GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION, AND INFORMATION PRIVACY: Transmetropolitan TP V1, Global Frequency TP, Nightly News TP V1, Daredevil #4-6 in Daredevil TP V1

Check out the Downtown Comics West Events Page for specific Dates

(Note, the farther out the event is, the date may be subject to change as we work around convention schedules!)

Contact us:

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