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Graphic Novel Program






Do you love Graphic Novels? Join the Club!
For the graphic novel enthusiast:

1. Sign up for an in-store subscription of at
least 5 titles. Titles must have an Ongoing trade
program(Vol 1 then vol 2, etc).
2. You are committed to buying those titles as
They come out (typically 2-3 times a year.
3. While your subscription is in good standing
you get 20% off purchases of ALL graphic
novels at your Downtown Comics location.

Fine Print: Membership in the club will be
suspended if the member refuses to by a title
on his list that has shipped. If a title is canceled
Or the company changes its status to preclude
Ongoing trades the member must add new
titles to keep the number at 5 at all times.
Titles may be added/changed/deleted as long
as no vol of the title is currently on order. In
that case once the volume has shipped (and is
bought) the title may be changed. Questions
of title eligibility should be discussed with
any Downtown Comics Manager during


Try it! Love it! Get the rest of it!
Buy any $1.00 comic released under the Marvels
greatest comics, Image Firsts, DH dollar, or DC
Whats Next line.

Return the comic to us and receive the $1.00
in credit towards the purchase of the related
graphic novel (typically volume 1). Plus you
get an extra 15% off the retail price. You will
also receive a bonus coupon for 10% off the
purchase of volume 2 (if it exists).
Fine Print: Special is only valid for the graphic
novel that includes the $1.00 issue in question.
The $1.00 issue must be in salable condition, if
not then only $0.50 will be given in credit. For a
complete list of books visit our website:

Love the Book/Movie/TV/Video Game? Read
the comics! Take advantage of the synergy between comics
and other media.

Books: Bring in a physical copy of any author
who has comic work and get 15% of a graphic
novel. Examples include Stephen King, Orson
Scott Card, James Patterson.

Movies: Bring in your ticket stub from a movie
that has a comic book to get 15% off a graphic
novel. Examples include Kick-Ass, A-Team, Scott
Pilgrim, Jonah Hex.

TV: Bring in a physical copy of any season of a
TV show that has a comic book to get 15% o‚
the graphic novel. Examples include X-£ les,
Fringe, Jericho, Human Target.

Video Games: Bring in a physical copy of any
video game that has a comic to 15% off the
graphic novel. Examples include Halo, Gears of
War, God of War.

Fine Print: Books, TV, Vgames must have a
physical copy of product to qualify, movies must
have actual stub no VIP or Free passes. Discount
applies to graphic novel of same name as
physical item, books may use discount on any
graphic novel the authors name is attached.


Program notes:
The media program does NOT require you to turn in any item you use as a coupon (TV, book, video game, movie). Just showing you have it is enough for us.
Discounts are NOT additive with each other or when involved with any other sale. The greatest discount will be applied singly to any item that may be eligible for multiple discounts.




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New Members:

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