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D.T. POINTS – The Loyalty program without peer!


We love all our customers here at Downtown Comics. You may have heard one of our managers ask….. ARE YOU A D.T. POINTS MEMBER?

D.T. POINTS is an exclusive loyalty program for our customers, created to simply save you money. The more you shop at our stores, the more you save!

Joining is easy with a one-time $2.00 set-up fee (this will give you +25 points to get you started). Just give us your name and e-mail address and you are member for life. To earn points simply tell the cashier your name at checkout so your points can be added to your account with your purchase. There are no cards or account numbers to keep track of.

Points are normally accrued on a 1:1 ratio. You get 1 point for every dollar you spend. (10 dollars = 10 points). Of course each location can and will have specials that may use point multipliers (x2, x3) and/or bonus points (+25, +50) on certain items, certain days, or just because. So make sure you are always stopping by or checking out our website/facebook/twitter, you never know when a special will pop up. Look for this logo (see below) around our stores to indicate bonus point items.

Redeeming points couldn’t be easier. At checkout the cashier will inform you if you have reached a point threshold and you can decide if you wish to “cash-in” those points for money off your purchase. Our discounts are tiered so “saving up” will earn you more money off in the long run. Here are the point tiers:

200 points = $5
400 points = $11
600 points = $18
800 points = $26
1000 points = $35

After 1000 points they keep accruing but the discount stays the same (so you’ll probably want to go ahead and use it). The money comes right off the transaction at the register so it must be greater than the discount, no money back. Future expansion of the program may allow for points to be used for other items/specials. You can check out your point total at the register anytime.

Please note: Once you have registered for an account at one location, you may register accounts for free at the other 2 locations. However, at this time points accrued at multiple locations cannot be combined. Each store will have separate point totals that can only be used on transactions at the location in question.

For any questions, more information, or to start your membership today just ask one of our friendly employees. If you shop with us once a week, once a month, or once a year there is no reason not to be a D.T. POINTS member.





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