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I have been talked into reading comics by a couple of my buddies, I was wondering where a good place to start reading to learn more about some of the marvel or DC hero's back stories and origins. I understand that these are written so you can practically jump in anywhere and start reading but I am crazy about starting from the beginning and learning every detail of the story. 

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  Cant go wrong with the New 52 Batman in my opinion. The artwork is solid and Snyders writing is wonderful.

Glad to see you have joined in on the fun. If you really want to start at the beginning, The DC new 52 (all titles) are basically a brand new universe so almost every character is starting from scratch. While most aren't doing straight origins they are a new "ground floor". Both Action comics (superman) and Justice League start out as true origin stories so I would recommend those.

Marvel is tougher but if you do want to go back to the beginning all the original Marvel titles are available in reprint form through their ESSENTIAL line (20 issues B/W for $20) or MASTERWORKS (10 issues color $25). Some characters like Spider-man have enough reprint material available to read well into the 200's of their original titles.

With the Marvel NOW approaching in the next few months, I think this is going to be a great time to try characters like Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and X-men as each of these properties will have new creative teams and new status quo's, perfect jumping in points.

Hope that helps and feel free to find me at the stores if you ever have any questions

Mike Costello

it all depends on who you're in to. if you're near a Half Price Books store, check them out. I get a lot of my books from there because they range from brand new titles (New52) to old books like Avengers and Spider-Man. You can go there and leave with an armful of books for under ten dollars. Try the New52 titles and upcoming MarvelNOW, but for a little fun look at early Image Comics titles like Savage Dragon and Spawn. Image was founded by comics best artists in 1992 and has been changing the face of comics since. and all in all, you can't go wrong with the early '90's X-Men relaunch by Jim Lee and Chris Claremont for a good jumping on point.

good on ya, bub!





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