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Is anyone interested in a complete set of Avengers Vs. X-men?

I have 0-12, several variants,  Avengers X-sanction, AVX it's coming,

AVX fights 1-6, Cable Messiah Wars hardback, and lastly 0-3 6 printing sketch covers.  

I have seen $900 one ebay, I'm not looking for that I'll take $700 OBO if anyone is interested. 

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$700? Sorry man, I've no interest in buying anyways, but you have to understand, that is an utterly outrageous price, especially for new comics that are barely six month old. You might have saw one for $900, but did it actually sell? Not to mention this set doesn't have the various other tie-ins from Avengers/New Avengers/Avengers Academy, Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine and The X-Men, etc. Someone could buy the comics at retail price (which you probably still can if you are committed to it) and it wouldn't even be close to that. I dunno about the sketch covers, but for what your asking, you will probably never sell that set. Not trying to be "that guy," but you should know that.

the set that I saw on e-bay went for a grand total of $1047.78 was the end of the sale, and it was only the variants and main set. I know $900 is outrageous that's why I was only asking for $700, I would take less, that was just the point I wanted to start negotiations. I if it was just the 1-12 it would only be like $25-$30, but with half of the variants that price raises considerably. I can understand where you are coming from I actually buy and sell musical instruments on craigslist often, so I know what you mean when you said $900 was outrageous, I truthfully agree. I'm not saying that $700 would be what I could get, that's like top market value. Like I said it's just where negotiations start:) thank you for your post, I really do appreciate it.





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